Will You Marry Me??

It’s not about I’m getting married now. It’s not about marriage~ Well, actually it’s about marriage.. Just pretend that I’m a five-years-old little girl who dream to have marriage with a prince. Just pretend that I’m not a nineteen-years-old university student.

As many little girls in this world, I’ve ever dreamed about my wedding day, with a bucket of flower and a beautiful gown on me. My father will hold my arms along the isle and I’ll meet my prince at the end of the isle.

I’d like to dream about how I’ll get engaged and my prince proposal must as good as he can.. Kneel in front of me and ask me to be his wifey~

Then I wear a very beautiful gown and I’ll be the most beautiful bride for my prince. And my prince will be the most handsome groom in the world~

With a perfect places, perfect wedding tart, perfect bucket and all of perfect things inside! Damn! This is really my kiddos dream!!


But when I grow up, I know that marriage is a sacred institution and is made in heaven. We can’t play with it and we can’t test it. We need to search the right one and make the marriage once in a life~ :)




Bandung, October 25th 2012


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